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Welcome to Bolton FM Radio Academy for Primary Schools


There are many benefits to creating a radio show in school, particularly when it is being offered by industry practitioners and delivered in a way that is simple and accessible by children of all ages.



What is on Offer?

Most people find talking into a ‘mic’ in a closed room far less intimidating than appearing on camera or on stage. This allows students to express their views and build their confidence in a safe and controlled environment.

Speaking and Listening

Radio is about about speaking and listening. Whether you are presenting or just listening to a show, these vital skills are fundamental in radio and all aspects of life. Good presenters need to be able to express themselves and listen to others.

Vocational Skills

Your students will have an opportunity to use industry standard equipment and software used by many radio stations in the UK. The skills they learn and the experience they fain will lay a strong foundation for many careers including radio broadcasting.

National Curriculum

Our ‘Create A Show’ teaching includes a lesson plan designed to help you use radio to achieve key goals and statutory requirements within the National Curriculum. ‘Create A Show’ provides a uniquely accessible and engaging medium that not only builds self-esteem amongst students in the class, but also helps with team building.

It’s a lot of fun, but Bolton FM Media Academy provides you with a unique opportunity to supplement learning and meet the National Curriculum in ways you may not even realise.