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On Air Competition Rules


General Terms and Conditions for Competitions on 96.5 Bolton FM


1)     This document is accurate as of October 2023

2)     These rules apply to all prizes and by entering any competition run by Bolton FM C.I.C, you agree to be bound by these terms

3)     These terms must be read in conjunction with rules incorporated within individual competitions, and also the relevant statutory rules enacted through the Ofcom Broadcast Code

4)     Unless stated otherwise, entrants to on air competitions must be aged 16 or over and a UK resident at the time of entry

5)     Unless stated otherwise entrants are limited to one entry per person and must not agree to partake in a grouped syndicate which involves submitting multiple entries for the aforementioned group

6)     Entrants must provide accurate as possible information when entering a competition

7)      'accurate as possible information', for these terms can be defined as legal name, address, telephone number and any other information that Bolton FM C.I.C feels is relevant

8)     Potential conflicts of interest must not enter a competition, and Bolton FM C.I.C reserves the right to discard any entries from those deemed to be a 'conflict of interest'

9)     A conflict of interest for these terms is defined, but not limited to, directors, employees or members of Bolton FM C.I.C, family members to those who are directors, employees or members of Bolton FM C.I.C, employees of any third party involved with a competition, and family members of employees of any third party involved with a competition

10)  Proof of sending any electronic communication as means of entry does not mean Bolton FM C.I.C has necessarily received the entry

11) Bolton FM C.I.C holds no responsibility for any technical issues that affects entry to a competition, notwithstanding the relevant rules placed on us through the Communications Act 2003

12)  In the event of technical issues or other issues which may affect the fairness and/or outcome of a competition, the management of Bolton FM C.I.C will be notified, and will make a judgement to the best of their ability based on the facts at the time

13)  In organising competitions, Bolton FM C.I.C often uses third parties to provide prizes for the station. Bolton FM C.I.C restricts liability in the event of any third party entering into administration or liquidation and shall decide whether, reasonably, any compensation needs to be paid out to affected parties

14)  In the event of a competition having to be cancelled due to incidents beyond our control, Bolton FM C.I.C shall decide whether, reasonably, any compensation needs to be paid out to affected parties

15)  Unless stated otherwise, all prizes are non transferable and a monetary equivalent cannot be offered

16)  If a presenter and/or producer has reason to believe that either these rules or specific competition rules have been broken then it shall be the decision of the relevant manager at Bolton FM C.I.C as to whether the competition can continue

17)  In entering any competition, you agree to take part in any reasonable publicity that may take place as a result of the running of the competition

18)  Any data given to Bolton FM C.I.C from competition entrants will be used responsibly, in accordance with GDPR

19)  All Copyright, including photos and videos, is solely the property of Bolton FM C.I.C, and permission must be sought if any person wishes to copy or reproduce this

20)  All entrants to competitions agree to be governed under the common law of England and Wales

21)  Bolton FM C.I.C reserves the right to amend these rules at any time without prior notice