People are still abused and targeted simply because of who they are

Posted on Thursday 07 February 2019 by James Pilkington

Many of these people will be a victim of hate crime. Hate crime or incident is any incident that is perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated by prejudice or hatred based on someone's, race, colour or ethnic origin, nationality or national origin, religion, faith or belief, gender or gender identity, sexuality or sexual
orientation, disability, lifestyle or dress. These incidents don't have to include violence as verbal abuse, threats or victimisation can be just as distressing and are taken just as seriously. 

It is Hate Crime Awareness in Greater Manchester this week, Bolton's Community Safety Partnership, Be Safe (which includes Greater Manchester Police and Bolton Council) have funded a number of activities in Bolton to help raise awareness of what hate crime and how to report it. 

As part of our own project we've been talking to these projects and helping raise awareness of hate crime and how to report it using the medium of radio. 

You can hear these interviews on 'This is Bolton' and 'Community Corner' and we'll keep in touch with the projects and produce a podcast for download from later in the year. 

We can all play a role in tackling Hate Crime, through raising awareness of it and encouraging more people to report it and to access support. Many community centres across Bolton actively take reports of these incidents, including Bolton at Homes' UCAN centres and The Bolton Hub. 

Hate crime: report it, challenge it, stop it.