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Thomas Gavin
Thomas Gavin

Hello there! I’m Thomas Gavin, or Tom if you find the extra syllable too strenuous! I’ve been with Bolton fm since the start of 2020 and I present the ‘00s Nostalgia Show’ every Tuesday from 10pm - Midnight! Join me at that time every week where I play great music from an underrated decade when pop, r’n’b, rock, dance and everything else in between were ruling the world and the airwaves! As well as a wide variety of hits I’ve got a ‘Collaboration of the Week’ where we celebrate a great duet between two great artists, ‘Guess The Year’ when I play 5 songs and you simply have to narrow down the year they came from and of course ‘The Rousing Anthem’ which will send you into the giddy heights of pure joy! Pull up a pew, get comfy and join me; the more the merrier on the ‘00s Nostalgia Show’!

The Noughties Nostalgia Show

The Noughties Nostalgia Show on Tuesday 10pm - 12am


Drivetime on Wednesday 3pm - 6pm

Mid Mornings

Mid Mornings on Thursday 9am - 11am