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Lorelei Redding
Lorelei Redding

Hello you, welcome to the show!

My name is Lorelei, and I come from an audio-production and musical performance background, having written adverts, bulletins as well as news pieces, and working as a presenter and producer on various shows across the North West. When I’m not on your radio, I can be found behind the scenes pushing buttons or with a microphone shoved in people’s faces out on the street. I have interviewed Bond Girls, soap opera stars, burlesque & drag show performers and various musicians alike!

A classically trained violinist, and having dabbled as a jazz performer, with a sprinkling of musical theatre, I love to perform and entertain! I’m a proud member of the LGBT+ community, and not shy about being openly LGBT. I’ve lived in Bolton and Manchester most of my life, would say I’m a true northern spirit.

My shows are sure to be entertaining with my sharp wit, dry humour and a real love of music. With a penchant for the 70s and 80s, a love of science fiction and a slight obsession with comic books, whatever show I’m on, there’s never a dull moment!
I love being your entertainment and keeping you company on your radio, wherever you might be!

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