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by James Pilkington

We are a country obsessed with the weather. It's an oft used conversation starter at the bus stop outside of Bolton FM and Bolton Market

Your Community Voice

by James Pilkington

This weekend 'The Saturday Weekender' have a special guest at 11 O'clock, the actress Julie Hesmondhalgh!

Working Wardrobe

by James Pilkington

We will be supporting Bolton at Home's Working Wardrobe campaign at the Moss Bank Way ASDA store on Saturday 3rd February.


by James Pilkington

This week sees a change to the shows you'll hear on Sunday evenings as we say a sad goodbye and good luck to Will Harris and Ste Lucas.

Content is King

by James Pilkington

All great radio shows start with great ideas, unique content that makes the show stand out.

Happy New Music Year!

by Mark Williamson

Happy New Year from everyone at Bolton FM!


by James Pilkington

We're nearly in to a new year, some of us are in a reflective mood of the year just gone and hopeful for the year to come.

Almost Christmas

by James Pilkington

It's almost Christmas! We've worked hard on the Christmas schedule and we can unwrap some of it in this column. My copy has scruffy notes scrawled all over it.

Christmas Festivities

by James Pilkington

I'm stuck. I've written and rewritten this sentence five times. I don't recall how many times I've hit the 'delete' key on my keyboard.

Do They Know it’s Christmas?

by James Pilkington

It’s official we’re playing Christmas music on Bolton FM! But some of the festive season's biggest hits don't mention so much as a snowflake, let alone a big jolly bloke in a red suit and some serious beard issues.

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