The voice of the Bolton Family has just got louder. 

Posted on Thursday 16 January 2020 by James Pilkington

OFCOM the broadcasting regulator told us earlier this month that our application to expand our transmission area was successful. 

Previously our signal struggled in parts of Bolton meaning that some listeners could only ever listen to us online because our FM signal struggled at times for a number of reasons which are, I'll admit, beyond my technical know-how. .  What this good news from OFCOM means is that for the first time Bolton FM will be on the air everywhere in Bolton. It means that more of you can listen to local chat, learn about local events and listen to our exclusive commentary of Bolton Wanderers games home and away. 

Both the new aerial and the exclusive Bolton Wanderers commentary are 'game changing' for the station. They both push us to be the best community radio station we can be; they provide a bigger platform not just for the station itself but with all the other groups and organisations we support and work with. 

And as things develop and progress you'll hear about them on-air, online at our website, and in The Bolton News.