I'm working my way through the leftovers from Christmas Day lunch.

Posted on Thursday 26 December 2019 by James Pilkington

According to a recent survey serving up lumpy gravy, dropping food on the floor and burning hands on hot pans are among the most common Christmas dinner mistakes we could have made yesterday.

Over-cooking the carrots, burning the pigs in blankets and ending up with soggy roast potatoes featured in the top 20 list.

But, despite accidentally cremating or forgetting to defrost the turkey, more than a fifth of us rated our Christmas cooking skills as "excellent", while a further half said they were good.

The average person will cater for around five people at Christmas time there were five of us around our table  and four in 10 admitted they are worse at cooking if there are people watching them, I was constantly watched by our furry hoover for any dropped titbits.

According to the survey many of us struggled with timings, as quarter claimed serving everything to the table could be the hardest part of getting a Christmas meal right. Our turkey had been defrosting since December next year, the brussel sprouts will be ready sometime in 2021. And 13 per cent said they found it hard to entertain the family at the same time as cooking, which is why you should keep your radio tuned to Bolton FM and listen to us over Christmas. We'll be serving up Bolton Wanderers vs. Sunderland today from 3pm; Bolton vs. Shrewsbury on 29th December and Bolton vs. Burton on New Years Day.