Posted on Thursday 13 December 2018 by James Pilkington

Saturday sees us again in Bolton Market's Lifestyle Hall supporting the first of two Magical Christmas Fun Days being hosted by the Market. There will be magic shows, starring Mark Daniel, at 11am and 12.30pm and activities like Balloon Modelling; Face Painting; Kids Cooking & Craft Club through the day and great live music. Children can visit Santa in his Grotto from 11am. 

We're currently sorting out the Christmas schedule in the office and discussing what the 'voice of the Bolton Family' will be serving up on Christmas Day whilst you're enjoying your Christmas Dinner. 

According to a recent survey serving up lumpy gravy, dropping food on the floor and burning hands on hot pans are among the most common Christmas dinner mistakes. 

Researchers found six in 10 have at some point messed up the main Christmas meal. 

Over-cooking the carrots, burning the pigs in blankets and ending up with soggy roast potatoes also featured in the top 20 list. 

But, despite accidentally cremating or forgetting to defrost the turkey, more than a fifth of adults rated their Christmas cooking skills as "excellent", while a further half said they were good. 

The average person will cater for around five people at Christmas time and four in 10 admitted they are worse at cooking if there are
additional people watching them. The hardest person to cook for was the mother-in-law, followed by a partner or spouse. 

Many also struggled with timings, as quarter of adults claimed serving everything to the table could be the hardest part of getting a Christmas meal right. 

And 13 per cent said they found it hard to entertain the family at the same time as cooking. 

And that's why you should tune your radio in to Bolton FM and listen to us over Christmas.