If I had a pound for every time I heard somebody complain about slow internet, glitches in software or arguments over the air con at Bolton FM, I'd be very rich.

Posted on Wednesday 18 April 2018 by James Pilkington

A recent study found the average worker spends the equivalent of two weeks complaining about their place of work. And all this complaining apparently takes up a total of 20 minutes of the working day, which adds up to 100 minutes each week, a long time to be negative about businesses, 

If you're a regular listener to This is Bolton with Kevan Williams (and Neil Wilkinson on Wednesdays) or Friday Mornings with Andrew and Phil you'll know that we're anything but negative about business in Bolton - we love talking about great Bolton businesses, in fact there's few things better than celebrating success stories. 

This Tuesday (April 24th) we'll be at The Big Bolton Expo at The Bridge Conference Centre in Bradford Street boasts around 85 local business exhibiting their services. The popular annual event is organised by marketing and support organisation thebestofbolton and draws hundreds of delegates and results in thousands of pounds worth of business. 

The Expo is a fantastic opportunity to meet other local businesses in a very informal and friendly atmosphere. For a radio station like Bolton FM it's a great way to chat and network, and catch up with businesses we've met before or businesses who are taking their first steps in the town and find out what the best thing about 'doing business' in Bolton is. 

So join us at the Bridge Conference Centre from 4pm on April 24th, or tune in to Bolton FM as we talk to businesses before, during and after the event. 

Now who's put the air con on?