This weekend 'The Saturday Weekender' have a special guest at 11 O'clock, the actress Julie Hesmondhalgh!

Posted on Thursday 01 February 2018 by James Pilkington

Julie is about to take to the stage at the Royal Exchange Theatre in 'The Almighty Sometimes', a winner of the theatres Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting.

Julie is a familiar face here in Bolton, recently given a special award by Bolton Socialist Club, she is a keen activist and uses her profile as an actress to get her message across. During her interview Julie makes a key point, being a celebrity gives you no special rights to express your views, only a platform that perhaps other people don't have.

Here at Bolton FM we are keen to promote our social value to everyone living in Bolton. We aren't just a volunteer organisation providing training and media opportunities for the people of Bolton. We provide a voice for organisations and individuals that might not otherwise be heard. Bolton FM gives air time to all our amazing third sector organisations, a media presence they would struggle to find elsewhere.

Bolton FM is the first point of call for Bolton musicians and artists starting their careers, we provide a voice for local counsellors and business. But our core purpose is to provide a voice for the community. So what are you waiting for? If you have something to say don't wait to become famous like Julie in order to have your views heard, get in touch with Bolton FM and make use of your community voice!