It is widely accepted that the world's first community radio stations
emerged in Bolivia during a tin miners' strike around 1947.

Posted on Thursday 23 February 2017 by James Pilkington

The miners trade union decided to use some of the emergency strike fund to pay for 27
local radio stations, offering union members and their families access
to the airwaves and opportunities for social benefits.

Seventy years later even though the nature of community radio varies
considerably from country to country and station to station, some
elements are consistent almost everywhere. Community radio anywhere in
the world is committed to community development rather than profit;
providing access to the airwaves to under represented voices; serving a
distinct local community and being established and run primarily by

Whether it is supporting charities like Bolton Young Person's Housing
Scheme (BYPHS) in publishing and promoting a book to raise funds or
teaming up with Market Place and this paper to find the town's best
voice, Bolton FM have epitomised community radio since 2008 from above
Bolton Market on Ashburner Street.

This last week saw the third week of live heats of Sing, Bolton Sing at
Market Place, the competition is becoming ever more competitive!

We've also continued raising awareness of Hate Crime in Bolton
encouraging people to take a stand against it and letting our listeners
know of events and activities happening around the town.

If you want to become a volunteer at Bolton FM or tell us about events
happening around the town please visit our website -, but
most importantly keep your radio tuned to 96.5 on the FM dial!

James Pilkington

Station Producer

~ This article originally appeared in the Bolton News on 23 February