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Sunday 13th January

12am - 1am: Progressive Journeys with Harlan Dane Fallon

Harlan brings a Progressive, Melodic mixture of Progressive Trance, Progressive House, Trance House and Melodic Electronica with a meaning, from all around the world, providing a mixture of emotions that only these genre’s can. The Producers some of which he knows personally. With his own knowledge and perspective on the genre’s he’ll not only play the tracks, he’ll mix them in a unique synergistic way, describing the emotion and meanings. Sit back, relax, listen and go to that place, this progressive journey is one you don’t want to miss.

Non-Stop Bolton FM

1am - 7am: Non-Stop Bolton FM with Bolton FM

7am - 10am: Weekend Breakfast with Andy Haslam

The perfect way to start your day.Local news on the half hour.The best in music mixed with local events happening across Bolton. Get the day off to a fine start with Andy Haslam. Come know it makes sense.

10am - 12pm: Sunday Mid Morning with Andy Wilkinson

Join Andy as he takes you through Sunday Mid Morning with fine music and chat.

12pm - 2pm: Sunday Afternoons with David Carne

Join us for local chat and good music. Get in touch with us to get your special message on the radio.

2pm - 3pm: Film on Sunday with Alex Gilston

Join Alex as he brings you all of the Film gossip you can handle, his review of the week! Anything that you don't know about film after this hour of radio isn't worth knowing!

Vicky on Sunday

3pm - 4pm: Vicky on Sunday with Vicky Hawkesworth

Join Vicky, for great music and her unique take on the world.

4pm - 6pm: Sundae Service with Jayne Hilton

Join Jayne live from 4pm for The Sundae Service for lots of great new music releases from Chaka Khan, Little Dragon and William Tyler (which also doubles up as the weeks's Instrumental track). Jayne's Recommended Track this week is from Thundercat and today's Alphabetti Spaghetti Battle Of The Artists is the letter P - it's a Genesis play off between Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel!!! So get voting on the Bolton FM Facebook page and Twitter feed to hear 3 tracks from the winner in the second hour of the show. The new for 2019 feature - The Class - a piece of music that is a bit of class, is from Zero 7. There will also be a little Motown celebration to mark yesterday's 60th Anniversary, and 12 Jan also marked the 50th anniversary of the release of Led Zeppelin's first album so two tracks from them too. All that in two hours!!

6pm - 7pm: The Spirit of Bolton with Ian Smart and Sue Snowden

Join Sue and Ian for this week's programme.

7pm - 10pm: The 70's Show with Neil Wilkinson

Playing the best and most eclectic music from the most diverse musical decade EVER! The musical feast includes Artist of the Month, Album of the week, The Longy track, Biogs and Special Features. Hour 3 is a retrospective of 'Bad Girls' by Donna Summer and Phil Lukes is in to tell us all about it.

10pm - 12am: Late Night Listening with Brad B. Wood

Late Night Listening with Brad B. Wood - Your eclectic collection to close the week. Join Brad every Sunday from 10-midnight for a genre-defying journey through the world of music and sound. Each week we'll be joined by a guest from Bolton's music and culture scene to talk about their involvement and play us their 'Favourite Five'.

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