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It's a Wonderful Life

by James Pilkington

It's December tomorrow, I have a confession. I've watched 'It's a Wonderful Life'. It's my favourite film.

Black Friday

by James Pilkington

There's excitement in the Bolton FM studios. There's talk of Black Friday deals Shoppers are expected to spend at least £10bn this week as we continue our infatuation with Black Friday, the US-inspired discount day.


by James Pilkington

I am at an age in life when I find myself advising younger people at Bolton FM, I'm answering questions daily from over a hundred volunteers.


by James Pilkington

"More often than not, this means early mornings and late nights, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. My passion for Bolton means that I have always been happy to make that commitment."

Guy Fawkes Night

by James Pilkington

This Sunday is Bonfire Night, and lots of you will be heading out to firework displays around Bolton, or hosting your own celebrations over the weekend.

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