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Wild Geese

Have you ever wondered why geese fly in a 'V' formation?

Simply, as each goose flaps its wings it creates an up-draft for the bird behind it. Flying in this formation, they collectively achieve 71% extra distance with the same effort as flying alone, this allows them to cross the Atlantic. 

The lead goose rotates so they can rest and each goose gets a turn. If one goose is ill or tired, two stop with it so that they can create a mini 'v' formation and catch up with the rest. 

Throughout the flight the geese 'honk' constantly, encouraging each other and uniting the flock. 

This allows geese to live the lifestyle they do - travelling around the world enjoying an endless summer. 

As a model of collaboration, compassion and connection it is perfect. 

'What do geese flying formations have to do with radio?', you may ask. 

It's tenuous but... 

This Sunday sees the Charity Triathlon relay take place. The Triathlon sees teams of 3 people take on either a 400m pool race; 18km bike race or 5k park run. Proceeds from the event are split equally between Bolton Hospice, Urban Outreach and Bolton Lads and Girls Club. 

I'm not sure if any team will attempt the triathlon in a geese-like 'v' formation (a unique approach but I'm not advising it) but I do know that Bolton FM will be there providing music and encouragement. 

Congratulations to all the Bolton and Bury Business Awards nominees and winners. We were successful in winning the Community Award (for the second time). I'd like to congratulate everyone involved in Bolton FM, I'm proud to play my small part. 

I'd suggest raising glass - we are in the middle of Bolton Beer Festival - but Bolton FM colleagues are busy providing the music and entertainment. 

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