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You're Beautiful, maybe.

Twelve years ago today James Blunt was at number one in the UK chart with "You're Beautiful".

It's a song I was never keen on to begin with but as I've gotten older my chagrin for the song has grown. Maybe I'm becoming more musically inflexible.  

To paraphrase the song, he was on the subway and was smiled at by a beautiful girl who was with another man.
That was okay because James had a plan. 
Not twenty seconds later he didn't know what to do. 
It often wonder what happened to that plan in these twenty seconds. 
Mr Blunt had trained at Sandhurst; he served in Life Guards; he was a captain. Surely he's able to remember a plan.  
At Bolton FM we often talk about the music, artists and the station playlists. 
When a radio station plays music from the last fifty years or so not every song you hear is going to be your favourite. 
Personally my musical taste is diverse so I'm incredibly proud in Bolton FM's desire to be inclusive of the whole of Bolton's musical tastes. 
If you're a big fan of 80's music tune in on Saturdays for Club Tropicana with Kevin Gurney from 6pm; if the 70's is more to your musical there's The Seventies Show with Neil Wilkinson. 
On Monday nights you'll hear a number of specialist music shows playing classical, country, jazz or rock music. 
Pop along to and check our full schedule of programmes. In the meantime keep your radio tuned to us - your favourite song might be on in a minute.

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